Dear Friends of ACE,

Actors Cabaret needs your help. For over forty years ACE has done it all. We’ve produced world premieres, innovative productions of Broadway classics, new works by local playwrights, shows exclusively for kids, shows exclusively not for kids and everything in between. Our volunteer-based production model has provided opportunities for hundreds of local performers and technicians and ACE has been the home for countless date nights, family reunions, birthday parties, anniversaries, and anyone and everyone who needed a good laugh, or cry, or a place to escape the day-to-day and experience the power of live theater.

We’ve been able to do this for over forty years because the shoestring we lived on was based on our amazing community of volunteer performers and a supportive audience willing to come watch us play. It’s always been just people who love theater, doing shows for people who love seeing theater.  That’s it. A simple formula that allows us to do what we love for people who love what we do.

COVID 19 really messed that up. We’ve been able to hang on so far because we have always kept our expenses low thanks to our amazing volunteers. But not being able to produce shows for over a year and create ticket revenue while maintaining our basic operating expenses is taking an extremely serious toll.

The pandemic will be over. Vaccines are on the way and there is hope on the horizon. Actors Cabaret wants to be there on the other side so we can celebrate together and once again share a night of laughter, togetherness and fun.

To be honest, we need your financial support to get us through this final stretch of an awfullyterrible time.

Non-Profit organizations usually like to create fun ways to get donors to support their organizations - auctions, golf tournaments, casino nights; stuff like that. But that means spending money to raise money. We want you to know that any contribution you make at this crucial time won’t be offset by any unnecessary spending. There’s no tote bag or T-shirt.

What there is, is a promise that if we make it through this, we will continue our history of being a community theater for everyone. A place of truth and laughter, of food and drink, of song and dance, community and celebration.

If you are reading this, you’ve probably been to Actors Cabaret. You know that we’re a unique venue with a unique mission and you probably know that unique things have a way of disappearing. Help us hang on. COVID 19 broke our shoestring! Make a contribution today, so we can entertain you tomorrow.  Please help!  We really do need you more than ever.  Keep Actors Cabaret in Eugene for another 42 years.

Hope to see you sooner than later!!

Jim Roberts                            Joe Zingo
Executive Director                   Artistic Director



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This was our 2021 SEASON
We are currently planning what will happen next!!