Hello friends,


Yes, this is a Notice; which of course is different from a letter or a note, or even a regular newsletter. We were so enthusiastic about being able to go forward with a season of shows...it seemed that we were on the road to recovery with shots going in arms, masks off, COVID on the run. We're Theater people; we don't scare easy. Then came the Delta Variant. Delta is vastly more contagious, spreading even among the vaccinated - and just in time for schools to start, for people to begin congregating indoors, and just in time for us to open FORBIDDEN BROADWAY. It isn't going to happen.


We did our best. But the fact is what we do best is what COVID loves most. COVID loves Actors Cabaret; singing out loud, laughing out loud, sharing food, clinking glasses - we're an environment where people hang out for hours in a cozy space and that makes Actors Cabaret a COVID hotspot. And we don't live in a bubble. The cast, crew and staff of ACE all have lives outside of our love for theater and we need to keep that in mind as we navigate this very weird moment.


We did everything we could to bring FORBIDDEN BROADWAY to life, but the reality is that spending time in our intimate theater, whether rehearsing or being part of an audience isn't safe right now, and some things just don't translate to streaming. You can't stream magic. We're going to postpone FORBIDDEN BROADWAY until we can do it justice.  The same goes for COMPANY. ELF may also have to be postponed. We were optimistic, but the Delta variant was even more so.


 We have always relied on volunteers showing up from all different kinds of environments working together in close quarters in order to create an Actors Cabaret production. Of course the folks who buy tickets are also volunteers. That's how we do it. We're all in this together. That's how we make the magic. COVID is thwarting this. We all need to do our part to kick COVID to the curb:


Wear your mask, get vaccinated and encourage others to do the same. Take care of yourself in every single way and be mindful that things tend to go better if you are kind and patient. This is a tough time. We can all see each other again if we work together. The best things are sometimes the hardest. Theater is never easy, but theater has always been worth it. If you believe Actors Cabaret is worth it, now is the time to lend a hand - here is where you can help out:

Hope to see you sooner than later!!

Jim Roberts                            Joe Zingo
Executive Director                   Artistic Director



This was our 2021 SEASON
We are currently planning what will happen next!!

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