Dear friends of ACE,
As everyone knows by now, the world has changed. A few short weeks ago we were rehearsing SUNSET BOULEVARD, we had a talented cast, a great set, and the kitchen was really looking forward to serving the Apple-Chicken Curried Crepes. Now all that seems like a million years ago. We've been asked to stand apart, keep our distance, and not gather together; all the things we love about the theater, and about Actors Cabaret, have suddenly become risky actions with uncertain consequences.
Actors Cabaret is a community theater driven by over forty years of volunteer passion. Members of our community have given thousands of hours rehearsing and performing, other folks have donated treasures from their closets, businesses have provided materials for our sets. The truth is, it's always been the community itself that has allowed us to produce our shows, keep our ticket costs down and celebrate the power of live theater.
Actors Cabaret needs that community support now more than ever before. While our doors remain closed, and our schedule suspended, we still have the associated costs of maintaining a large building in downtown Eugene. A donation of any amount is the greatest gift you can give at this time. Your support will help keep things running. In the meantime, stay safe and sane, keep washing those hands and we'll be sure to hold a seat for you.

Jim Roberts                    Joe Zingo
Executive Director        Artistic Directo


An Unprecedented Event

We love Actors Cabaret of Eugene. There's nothing so special as a room full of strangers, joining together to become an audience, supporting a group of volunteers, joining together to make a show. There is nothing like it. Actors Cabaret has been bringing audiences and actors together for over forty years in spite of good weather or bad, happy times or sad, conservative fashions or rad, and shows of all kinds (dramas, comedies, musicals), but all powered by volunteers, sharing a passion for theater and a desire to share the magic with a group of strangers willing to be an audience. We are blessed by every volunteer who's graced our stage and every person who's ever bought a ticket.
And we all know the saying "The show must go on." Well in this case, for the first time ever, the show isn't going on. Actors Cabaret of Eugene, after over forty years of creating live theater, is temporarily closing our doors. SUNSET BOULEVARD is not going to happen at this time. Thanks to the Covid-19 Coronavirus, we've cancelled opening night and every performance of SUNSET BOULEVARD for the time being. Those of us who create theater for Actors Cabaret, along with our audiences are facing uncertain times. Our waitstaff, kitchen crew, and box office staff are all facing layoffs and we have also postponed auditions for CAMELOT.  Thank you for your patience and support during these incredibly difficult times. Your support is critical right now, as we navigate these challenges.


  • If you have purchased tickets for SUNSET BOULEVARD and would wish to make your ticket a donation please let us know at aceboxoffice@aol.com or by phone at 541-683-4368. If you would like a donation receipt, please contact the box office at aceboxoffice@aol.com and we will make sure you receive a donation receipt.


  • If you would like to use your ticket for a future date of SUNSET BOULEVARD or another Actors Cabaret production later this year, let us know and we will give you credit for a season show of your choice.


  • If you have purchased a SEE IT ALL SEASON PASS and would like your $17.00 ticket to be a donation please let us know at aceboxoffice@aol.com or by phone at 541-683-4368. We will make sure you receive a donation receipt.

We'll go on. There are songs to sing, stories to tell, and we will soon be all sitting together again in the dark, laughing, clapping, crying and making theater, audiences and actors together. 
 If you would like to make a donation to Actors Cabaret at this time, you can do that online at www.actorscabaret.org.
Please be mindful that the box office hours are going to be erratic for a while due to the virus. Leave a message, please be patient and we'll do our best to get to you as soon as we can.
We look forward to brighter times ahead and welcoming you back for a season full of entertaining musicals.
ACE Box Office
Jim Roberts                            Joe Zingo
Executive Director                   Artistic Director

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