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A Tupperware Party Gone Awry
A comedy by Doug Stone
Directed by Joe Zingo



Ah, 1968. It feels like it was just 56 years ago...The first Big Mac, the Elvis comeback special, HAIR on Broadway, hair, still on my head... A big year by any measure. A year of cultural and social upheaval and the Civil Rights Act of 1968. Heavy, man.
But 1968 wasn't all gloom and doom! Fun was still had. 1968 was the year The Love Bug was released, Bean Bag chairs were introduced... and Tic Tacs! And TUPPERWARE parties were a popular way for women to enter the work force and gain independent income. These parties are now a thing of the past, though we've been told:
"The evening started with games, and all the women taking a night off from husbands, housework and children, got right into the spirit of the occasion. Only soft drinks and cookies were served — this is an unwritten law so that no one is tempted to overreach herself socially or financially."...Yeah, right.
Hostess Bonnie invites a group of neighbors over for a Tupperware party. The guest list: perky, rich Jean, Jean's cranky and very pregnant sister Sinclair, her friend Tracy Ann, and new neighbor Diane, who's made quite a career selling Tupperware, but at the expense of her marriage. The "unwritten law" gets broken, martinis are consumed and it isn't too long before this Tupperware party goes off the rails! ACE presented the Northwest Premiere of SEALED FOR FRESHNESS in 2003, and we're thrilled to bring this show back with several members of the original ACE cast! SEALED FOR FRESHNESS is a party you'll want to go to and a party you'll never forget!

Three Weekends Only!

Three Matinees!




Friday, March 15 - Doors 6:00, Show 7:30

Saturday, March 16 - Doors 6:00, Show 7:30

Sunday, March 17 - Doors 12:30, Show 2:00


Friday, March 22 - Doors 6:00, Show 7:30

Saturday, March 23 - Doors 6:00, Show 7:30

Sunday, March 24 - Doors 12:30, Show 2:00

Friday, March 29 - Doors 6:00, Show 7:30

Saturday, March 30 - Doors 6:00, Show 7:30

Sunday, March 31 - Doors 12:30, Show 2:00

Tickets are available by phone



Or online

Click Here for All Performances


All sales are final.

Any tickets remaining day-of-show will be sold at the door.

The show must go on; that's what they say... 

On Friday the thirteenth of March, 2020 we had to cancel the opening night performance of SUNSET BOULEVARD. We all know what happened after that. Nothing good. We had to cancel the rest of the season. With our Season Pass, we promised a lot of people a year of great shows that never happened. It was chaotic, confusing, depressing, and scary all at once. Most of our patrons accepted that the situation was not of our making and out of our hands. Your graciousness in that terrible time saved our theater. 

Now, we need your help more than ever. 

Important Update

Actors Cabaret of Eugene no longer requires patrons to provide proof of full COVID-19 vaccination. Patrons are strongly encouraged to wear masks in the theater, but we want everyone to feel comfortable and confident in their masking choices. Tickets are sold up to full seating capacity without spacing between parties.

Policies are subject to change based on evolving guidance from Lane County, the State of Oregon, and the CDC. If you are feeling unwell, please stay home. You can switch to another performance if available for that show, donate your ticket back to ACE or gift it to a friend!

Thank YOU from ACE

First and most, thank you. Thank you for seeing the shows, buying the tickets, wearing your masks and getting the Covid poke. Thanks to the actors for setting aside hours and hours of rehearsal, thanks to the crew for doing the same, and thanks to our patrons who never lost hope and have been patiently waiting for lasagna.Your day has arrived!

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