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The show must go on; that's what they say... 

On Friday the thirteenth of March, 2020 we had to cancel the opening night performance of SUNSET BOULEVARD. We all know what happened after that. Nothing good. We had to cancel the rest of the season. With our Season Pass, we promised a lot of people a year of great shows that never happened. It was chaotic, confusing, depressing, and scary all at once. Most of our patrons accepted that the situation was not of our making and out of our hands. Your graciousness in that terrible time saved our theater. 

You did it. You saved our theater - we held on because you had faith in us. And like us, you believed that the show must go on.
We came back in Christmas of 2021 with a production of ELF. It was a baby step. Then came SUNSET BOULEVARD for two performances, FORBIDDEN BROADWAY and finally COMPANY, which had a complete run in June of 2022. 
We then had a cast of fifteen volunteer performers singing their hearts out in WORKING. That is a total of five shows in a three-year period.  
Now, we need your help more than ever. THE GREAT AMERICAN TRAILER PARK CHRISTMAS MUSICAL is playing to raving audiences, but we are having to contend with sporadic illnesses in the cast.
We've crawled back up. So has the cost of doing business, and everyone has been affected by the pandemic. We're slowly trying to figure out how to keep going with less than half the ticket sales as pre-pandemic. We have shows scheduled, we've brought back dinners and beverages, and we’re able to sell tickets online again. One foot in front of the other...



Buy tickets!

Actors need an audience! Has Covid made you shy about seeing live theater? We can work with you to get you a seat where you can feel safe. Call the box office at 541-683-4368.
OK, this is obvious, and you saw it coming: We need your financial assistance.

We're a non-profit, volunteer-based community theater run by passionate people, dreamers, and often times your neighbors. We sing, we paint sets, we learn our lines, and we live to share what we love with other people – people who love theater and celebrate the magic that happens when it all comes together. 
Please contribute to Actors Cabaret so we can keep going.

It doesn't matter how much.  A million dollars would be nice, but that's just being theatrical (Oh, wait, that's what we do!).
The fact is, what we do is old fashioned and kind of weird: Dinner Theater. It's a “Unique Eugene Thing”, eating Italian food and watching community members put on a Broadway Show. Dinner isn’t even required - there's always cheesecake and specialty drinks. Unique things are precious, they make a place special. Actors Cabaret has become a Eugene landmark, the home of memories and the place of dreams. 

If you can, please help us. Buy a ticket or make a donation. If you have recently made a gift, please accept our heartfelt gratitude!



Actors Cabaret

530 W 21st Ave

Eugene, OR 97405

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